Community Visioning Session Follow Up

Our February “Re-imagine the East Harlem Waterfront” session was a great success! Thanks to all Advisory Committee members who attended and helped spread the word of the event. Extra special thanks to Ethel Velez for arranging use of the Johnson Community Center and Rob Bennaton for his tireless outreach to area NYCHA residents.
Almost 100 participants circulated through our multiple stations, providing fantastic input and direction for our work. We’re busy analyzing all the information and combining it with our observational study and early survey results, but so far we know that:
1) Residents desire more greening of the East Harlem waterfront and neighborhood;
2) Safety concerns affect community members’ perceptions of the esplanade; and
3) There is a strong desire for increased waterfront programming and a physical connection to the water.
Our photo booth activity not only allowed us to capture a tally of desired waterfront activity, but was also a lot of fun. You can see the photos – and other shots from the event – at
Our largest engagement event may be behind us, but we’re not done with our outreach! Despite great success tabling in the community, we still need many, many more surveys completed – and need your help spreading the word about it! Please feel free to copy and paste the info below to send to your friends, colleagues and organizational contacts. Survey participants are still eligible for the $100 drawing for a few more weeks!

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