Map of proposed Right-of-Way Green Infrastructure Sites

Map of proposed right-of-way Green Infrastructure sites within green corridors, with 10-foot buffer highlight around each site for visibility.

In the above map, also note the blue rectangle shown just south of 111th Street. This is the sample “parking lot infiltration swale” modeled by the studio based on runoff calculations for a 1″ rain event. Approximately 90% of rain events in New York City are 1″ or below according to estimates from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

There a numerous mid-to-large parking lots in the study area that are mapped by NYC DOITT, belonging to city agencies such as NYCHA or to private entities. This parking lot between 110th Street and 111th Street happens to be one of the largest, at 71,492 square feet or nearly 1.64 acres. It is used by Con Edison, and provides a wonderful opportunity to capture runoff from a single large paved area that would otherwise flow directly into the combined sewershed of WI-024 and overflow into the Harlem River during all significant rain events. The map below shows the suggested area of the infiltration bioswale for this non-right-of-way area, to capture all runoff from the parking lot for rain events of 1″ and below. This would complement the suggested green infrastructure sites along the sidewalk and roadbed of 111th Street.


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