Our Team

John Chin, Ph.D., is an associate professor and director of the graduate urban planning program in the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter College. His research focuses on urban health and immigrant communities

Molly Braun is a planning student studying the environment and sustainability. She works at Metro-North and is interested in making sustainability convenient and easy for everyone.

Lauren Masseria is currently employed at Project for Public Spaces. Her background is in Environmental Studies and Community Development and she has previously worked in environmental education, solar energy and weatherization, and local food sourcing.

Samuel Frommer is a second year Master of Urban Planning student at Hunter College focusing on sustainable transportation solutions. He has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Rochester and over five years of professional experience. He has worked on the green design features of large buildings and neighborhood planning projects in New York City and has worked on bike and bus projects in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ryan Ridings is a second year planning student focussing on land use, and is a recent graduate of the CUNY School of Law. Originally from Seattle, he hopes to help New York rediscover the benefits of the natural environment within the city.

Erin McAuliff is a second year student, focusing on the intersection of education, youth issues and planning. While completing her degree, she works as a Program Coordinator for Children of Promise, NYC, an after-school program and mental health clinic serving children of incarcerated parents, in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

Andrew Martini is a student of the graduate Urban Planning program, focusing on affordable housing and economic development. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Andrew has a BA in Psychology from Temple University and a growing interest in urban environmental issues.

Paul Hesse is an urban planning student focusing on land use planning and watershed management, particularly in urban subwatershed regions. Originally from the Midwest, Paul now lives in the Hudson Valley and plans to graduate in May 2013.

Jeff Peel is a second year planning student focusing in sustainable transportation. With a background in bicycle & pedestrian advocacy and planning, Peel is currently interning at New York CIty Transit and is helping expand the city’s bus rapid transit system.

Jordan Pender was born and raised in New York City. She is a planning student with a concentration in Sustainability and the Environment, and she is the Director of Technical Assistance at Partnerships for Parks, which supports community stewardship of neighborhood greenspace.

Kelly Usseglio Viretta is a second year urban planning student at the Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris and is currently spending a semester at Hunter College in the hope of learning more about housing, transportation and community organization

Spencer Edwards is a third year urban planning student focusing on watershed issues, environmental planning, and community development. Originally from Washington State, he is drawn to the outdoors and life on the water’s edge. His interests include working with volunteers, riding bicycles, and thinking about the future of cities.

Amélie Bertholet is an urban planning student at the Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris and is currently spending a semester at Hunter College. Amélie has a degree in History and in Geography from La Sorbonne and a growing interest for environmental planning and community organization.


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